• Training The Athlete In You. 

  • 50 Power Tests. 3 Coaches. 8 Weeks To Iceman. 

  • Dave Bucholtz hits the line at Mud, Sweat and Beers. 

  • More Bikes. More Watts. More Wins. 

Brockmiller Elite Endurance is the place for Athletes to go for training.

Northern Michigan is a beautiful place to live for cycling, but let’s face it, for much of the year the weather is not optimal for outdoor riding. Many dedicated cyclists spend countless hours on a trainer or in a spin class during the coldest months of the year in the hopes of getting an edge over their riding buddies.

Unfortunately going it alone doesn’t cut it and the formats of spin classes aren’t designed with the serious cyclist in mind. This is where Brockmiller Elite Endurance can take you past your plateaus and change your entire way of thinking about cycling training, both indoors and out.

Brockmiller Elite Endurance is the only studio in Traverse City offering:

Small Group Cycling Classes – We don’t do drop-ins. You commit to training 2 times per week for an 8-week block. Consistent, precise training brings results. We test your initial functional threshold power to determine training zones. With your goals in mind, we design a training plan for you. Small groups enable the coaches to give plenty of individual attention. B.E.E. offers accountability and specialized training with a small core group of fellow riders
Power Meters – B.E.E. uses only bikes outfitted with state-of-the-art power meters. The coaches download data from the Joule (the bike’s computer) and keep a running record of each athlete’s training log. This log allows them to see what’s working and what’s not so they can continually monitor progress and create effective training plans.
Coaching – Not into cycling with groups? We also offer one-on-one coaching, punch cards for 24/7 cycling options, online training calendars, and more.

“We train all levels of cyclists at B.E.E, from the fitness enthusiast to the elite cyclist,” said B.E.E. Owner Lauri Brockmiller. “If you have a desire to improve your fitness and an appetite for hard work, we can deliver results.”



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