Our programs are designed around your individual fitness profile and address the four core principles of training:

  • Individuality – our bikes enable us to set individual power ranges based on your current fitness level.
  • Specificity – all workouts target the energy systems and power demands of actual road cycling and mountain biking.
  • Overload and Recovery – our solid training regime incorporates a periodization plan (3-week build phases followed by 1-week recovery phases).
  • Progression – we test your fitness every eight weeks to measure your progress and update your training zones.

Monthly Coaching

  • $125 per month 
  • Weekly training plan designed specifically for you
  • Access your calendar online through Training Peaks
  • Weekly e-mail correspondence with coach

BEE Cycling Blocks

  • Science-based periodization training geared toward improving performance
  • Classes run for 8-week blocks, September through April
  • Classes can range from 60-90 minutes with most around the 75 minute mark
  • Classes meets 2 times per week for sessions
  • Specialized and individualized training based on your current fitness level
  • Power tests to determine training zones are done at the beginning of each 8-week block
  • There are no drop-ins. Your bike is yours for the entire 8-week block!

Start-Up Package

  • $225
  • For those who would like to use a bike outside of the scheduled class times
  • 2 sessions by appointment with a coach to introduce you to the PT 400 indoor cycle
  • Functional Threshold Power Test by appointment to determine your training zones
  • Punch card for 8 solo rides up to 90 minutes with training formats for each ride
  • Bikes available 24/7 with the exception of the scheduled class times

Punch Cards

  • $120 for 10 rides up to 2 hours each
  • Bikes available 24/7 with the exception of the scheduled class times
  • Perfect follow-up to those who have completed the Start-Up Package
  • Available only to those who have completed a Start-Up Package or an 8-week class

About B.E.E.

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