Battle the Bulge: A Guide To Surviving Holiday Weight Gain

November 18, 2018, 12:00 am

The holidays are here! With them come office parties, family get-togethers, giant meals, and seasonal treats. We put together a few ideas on how to enjoy the season without feeling its impact on your waistline.

It’s not easy to navigate a family gathering for several hours without a trip or two to the dessert table, or putting the big wooden spoon deep into the mashed potato bowl. As easy as it is to pile on your plate and pack on a few jolly pounds, you don’t have to dread the meals that come with this time of the year. We’ve got five tricks that have worked for us in the past, and might help you balance your fitness with some seasonal indulgence.

Make Time To Ride. Build it into the day, no matter what. If you’re getting up early to travel or cook, get up even early to work in a trip to the Hive, or get a ride in at home. On the road and can’t bring a bike? Bring shoes and clothes to run in. Anything is better than nothing, and burning a few hundred calories throughout the day can be a big help to keep your metabolism going strong. The big bonus here is the chance to get your kids, friends, or other family members to join in, too!

Don’t Skip Breakfast. Seriously. Skipping breakfast might save you some calories early, but there’s nothing as reckless as walking into your grandma’s kitchen already starving. If you start your day normally, you’re less likely to be ravenous by afternoon, and you’ll find your self-control a bit more measured if you haven’t had rumbling stomach all day long. If you still want to eat a bit less to start the day, consider reducing your portion; maybe have a ½ cup of oatmeal instead of a full serving.

Use A Small Plate. Use a side plate or salad plate instead of a full dinner plate. This should help reduce how much food you can pile on. Another key here is to go to the salad and veggies first and save just a little room for heavier casseroles, turkey, or mashed potatoes. Especially at big family meals, consider sticking to greens, but eating as much of those as you want. No, Waldorf salad does not count as a salad. Paper plates can also be useful in judging your meal-load; if that plate is folding on you, you might want to lighten the load. We guarantee you can put as much lettuce on that plate as you want without having any issues!

One Trip. Another tactic is to eat whatever you want, but limit yourself to one plate, or a single trip to the buffet. This is a great option if you know there are foods you love but rarely get to eat and can go a long ways toward stopping you from taking a little bit of a good thing too far. This is probably the best option if you're a meat eater, as you'll get a taste of all the more dense foods without overdoing it. 

Enjoy Your Favorite. Look, the holidays don’t come around that often, and neither does the chance to spend time with family and friends. A part of that experience includes sharing the traditional foods and recipes that we really do value. And you should enjoy those flavors! Pick your favorite and enjoy it, just not too much; if your grandma makes a killer pumpkin pie, don’t say no. Skip or reduce the ‘other’ stuff on offer, stick to veggies whenever possible, but don’t miss out on the special treats if there’s something you really love to have.

The Hive will be buzzing this weekend, so make plans to stop by and keep your Tempo Challenge streak alive. Burn off some turkey and keep the great momentum going that we’ve built up this winter. From everyone at BEE, have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving; enjoy it!


Posted by Worker Bee at 12:00 am